TÜV AUSTRIA COVID Shield Certificate

Health, safety and business continuity. The world’s first comprehensive certification system provides the highest possible level of security for companies, employees and customers – and creates competitive advantages.

TÜV AUSTRIA COVID Shield Certification: A periodically monitored Management System

A TÜV AUSTRIA “COVID-Shield” certification documents that basic hygiene and safety standards are permanently implemented in your own working environment. A quality management system that is visible to the outside world also increases the confidence of employees, suppliers, customers, consumers, clients and guests in companies, organisations and the public sector. 

Gaining importance: Hygiene and Safety Standards

Comprehensive compliance with hygiene and safety standards is currently gaining additional importance.

TÜV AUSTRIA provides support in all aspects of a safe health environment for employees, customers and supply chains. From small shops to large shopping centres, from play, sport and leisure facilities to accommodation, from educational institutions and public buildings to the health sector.

Objective, independent, globally recognised

The TÜV AUSTRIA COVID-Shield certification documents social responsibility, social awareness, sensitivity as well as business ethics with preventive measures and goals to reduce transmission of the coronavirus in the own environment.

Intermediate surveillance audits are intended to help to possibly tighten up measures that have been taken.

TÜV AUSTRIA certificates are recognized worldwide and often bring decisive competitive advantages

The TÜV AUSTRIA COVID Shield Certificate

TÜV AUSTRIA accompanies and checks mechanisms, training measures for employees, appropriate resources and a corresponding infrastructure.

This includes

  • Hygiene status and protective measures
  • Implementation of improvement potentials
  • Internal and external communication
  • education and training

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