You need someone to help you choose how to best generate energy for your home or business?


Make your home or business more energy efficient and save money!

Ever since its foundation, ATC has aimed to transfer cutting-edge energy know-how to projects in the region. Throughout the last decade, our team has participated in the realization of energy projects ranging from the planning of conventional transfer stations to turn-key construction of renewable solar power plants.

Regardless of their size and capacity, related to cleantech and renewable energy plants, our engineering bureau would gladly help you with:

    • Planning and engineering services
    • Financial profitability and modeling
    • Buy-side and vendors due diligence
    • Technology side-by-side comparison
    • Construction of residential and industrial renewable energy installations, including the following technologies:
        • solar power electricity generation/photovoltaics
        • biomass electricity generation - from residential wood or pellet boilers to industrial-size biomass co-generation with a capacity of several MW
        • solar thermal generation
        • heat pumps - hybrid; air to water; source water; other

If you already have a source of energy (plant or 3rd party delivery), but want to make things more efficient, we can lend a hand on:

    • Energy mix optimization taking into account peak and low demand
    • Energy efficiency calculation of your home or business (incl. daytime and infrared imaging of your facilities)
    • Construction of a LEED-certified or passive building
    • Obtaining an energy efficiency passport for your residential or production facility
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Photovoltaics projects


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